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A Healthy Life Is Your Choice

Healthy Living with Dr. Richard Pruett

About Program

Detox and Nutritional Consulting

Its estimated that 90% of all diseases are related to toxins and lack of nutrients. Our program is primarily about bringing the body into balance. The spiritual / beliefs affects the mental, and the mental affects the emotional, and the emotional affects the physical. So be careful what you believe and think. 


What I Specialize In

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Dr. Pruett is the walking encyclopedia for all things health and wellness. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, I have been able to restore balance to my mind and body.”

- Elise Theriault

"With his Heavy Metal Testing, Detox, and Mineral Balancing program, Dr. Pruett has taken us to a new level.
He has changed our lives and opened a new path for our health.  We can't thank him enough."

- Vickie Robbennolt,

   Richard Williams

“With the help of Dr. Ricks testing abilities I have been able to find out things about my overall health condition, and the direction I need to go to better my well being.  I plan to continue working with him to bring my body in to balance."

- Matt Cavender

      Medical Qi Gong Master

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