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Meet Dr. Richard Pruett

Wellness Consultant

Dr. Richard Pruett is a retired holistic dentist and wellness consultant from Chico, California. He has practiced dentistry for over 40 years and expanded his practice skills from general dentistry to include orthodontics, head neck and facial pain disorders, TMJ disorders, oral surgery, implants, full mouth reconstruction, cranial-sacral and myofascial release techniques, occlusal balancing with high tech equipment and laser therapy as well as removing mercury fillings in as safe away as possible, and using more bio-compatible materials. 

He has always been interested in how and why things work. This has led him into nutrition with many hours of training, including advanced acupoint nutritional testing through standard process instructors. He is now focusing on measuring heavy metals in the tissue using light spectrometry and removing it.  He can also measure chemical toxins like pesticides and herbicides like Round-Up with a urine test.  Evidence has shown that 90% of diseases are caused by toxins, pathogen toxins and or lack of nutrients.

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